DALK / DSEK surgery in India


It is a CORNEA TRANSPLANT SURGERY in which the diseased/ Abnormal CORNEA is removed to be replaced by DONOR Lamellar tissue and NOT the whole CORNEA.

AIM : 1) THERAPEUTIC : to save the Eye of the patient from Severe disease like CORNEA ULCER or 

2) OPTICAL : The aim is to give the patient Good Vision & is done in cases like CORNEA SCARRING, SEVERE ECTASIA/ KERATOCONUS.


2) DALK : Almost Full thickness host tissue is removed without Endothelium. 

Advantages : 

1) NIL chances of Endothelium Rejection as the patient’s ENDOTHELIUM is preserved.

2) Possibility of performing PKP open if the Lamellar keratoplasty results are not upto the mark.

Disadvantages : It is a technically CHALLENGING surgery and needs Good Surgical Expertise.

DSEK/ DSAEK : Descemet’s Stripping (Automated) Endothelial Keratoplasty 

It is a new advancement in CORNEA TRANSPLANT  and is minimally invasive surgery.

PROCEDURE : In this surgery, the innermost layer (Endothelium) is removed through a small opening. The new Endothelial layer (+Descemet’s) from donor is placed through a small incision.


1) FUCH’s Endothelial Dystrophy

2) Pseudophakic Bullous Keratopathy

The graft is stuck on to the back of CORNEA with the help of Air Bubble .

Advantages : FAST procedure, Fast Recovery and is a closed eye procedure.

Disadvantages: Needs Technical Skills/Expertise. Graft can dislodge from its position.

HAZE may occur in the graft-host junction.

Risks/ Surgery/Post operative instructions 

 About these details, your surgeon from our centre will talk to you before & after the surgery.