Today contact lenses have advanced and are frequently used. Disposable Contact lenses are even healthier. These contact lenses are soft membranes. They are made from a “water-loving” spongy material that has the ability to absorb water, making the lens soft and flexible.

FEAR / MYTH: Lenses can get “lost” in the eye.

The human eye is covered from all sides and does not have any space to let any foreign body to get sucked inside. The lens would normally be on the centre of the eye(black/brown part) and may rarely get displaced on the white part of the eye. Eye Care Practitioners ,today recommend a very simple method of wearing and removing contact lenses So, contact lenses never get lost in the eye.


Contact lenses today have reached a far stage of development and in the process the cleaning procedures have just got friendlier. Lenses, especially disposable ones, don’t need protein removers, as they are replaced every month, making the task very simple to follow. Also, these days single solution bottles make the lens cleaning even simpler. So, the contact lens user needs to spend only a few minutes everyday to keep the lenses clean


  • Set a regular day for throwing away your old lenses and replacing them with a new pair.
  • Associate throwing away your lenses to a favorite event, for example, watching your favourite show or another television program.
  • If you follow a four-week replacement schedule, you might be able to link throwing away your lenses to your pay-day.
  • Write your lens replacement date on your calendar. If you have an electronic calendar, such as Microsoft® Outlook® or a PDA (e.g., a Palm™ Pilot), program your calendar to remind you to follow your replacement schedule.
  • When you open up a new box of lenses, take a permanent marker and write your “fresh lens” day or date on the individual lens packages.
  • Be sure to write yourself a reminder to order new lenses on your last box. You may also be able to figure out when your lenses should run out, and have your Eye Care Professional arrange to automatically ship you fresh lenses before that date.